Get in Touch

The sharing of Contacts information across the company gives everybody advantages. If one person in your company knows a product specialist in a customer’s organization, then with Get in Touch everybody can find his contact information. Why stay isolated in your own mailbox, when you can grow your network by sharing Contacts with your colleagues.

By installing the Get in Touch App on your phone you will have a phonebook with:

All your Contacts from Outlook

All Contacts your colleagues have shared

All your colleagues

In the App you can search the Contact or the colleague you want to get in touch with and you can then make a call or send an e-mail. With the Get in Touch App a Contact in one mailbox can be a Contact for all employees. Sharing a Contact happens when you add the Category “Shared Contact” to a Contact in your Outlook. No one else but you can see Contacts you have not shared. Easy and simple!